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How should I configure pallets for the warehouse storage racking systems?

Metal pallets are now one of the common logistics equipment in logistics transportation and storage turnover, and are also one of the most frequently used warehouse storage equipment with storage shelves. The use of metal pallets can be more convenient for the goods in the storage shelves with forklifts directly handling operations, both to provide efficiency and save the cost of manual handling.

Then heavy-duty warehouse storage shelves, through shelves, shuttle shelves, cohesive shelves, etc. need to combine their own characteristics, for different storage needs, choose different materials of the pallet. Pallets are broadly classified by material into four types: metal, wood, plastic and new energy materials.

Heavy duty warehouse racking is typical of using metal pallet racking.

A typical set of this type of shelving can have 2-3 metal pallets placed side by side for stocking needs. This type of racking is also often called pallet racking. When using metal pallets for heavy-duty warehouse racking, there are some issues to keep in mind. Firstly, the position between the metal pallets should be determined with proper space in order to facilitate forklift operation; secondly, the metal pallets should be placed neatly on the beams of the racks as much as possible, and the relationship between the goods and the metal pallets should be handled well to avoid safety accidents and so on. The bottom foot of the pallet racking must be installed with ground expansion screws to ensure the stability of the pallet racking.

Heavy duty warehouse racking

Shuttle racking is typical of using metal pallet racking.

Shuttle racking is used as an automated racking system with a shuttle for storing pallets placed on it in deep positions. Plastic pallets are the main type of pallets used and are similar to through racking in terms of cargo position. The basic principle of shuttle racking is that the racking and the movable shuttle car form a simple unit which can be moved around the warehouse. The racking with the shuttle running inside is controlled by a central console at the front end. A forklift forks up the racking (including the shuttle) and places it on the central console of the designated racking. The forklift then places the inbound pallet on the shuttle to start the storage operation. When it is time for the forklift to store the next pallet, the shuttle transports the pallet quickly and steadily to its designated storage location within the rack.

shulttle racking

The use of pallets in through racking, through racking is the master of using pallets.

Since through-racking is a kind of racking that is not separated by aisles and is continuous throughout the building. It uses pallets also in continuity, which also reduces the obstruction and maximizes the capacity of storing goods. In use, pallets can be arranged in one-way and two-way. One-way (against the wall area) the total depth of the racking is best controlled within 6 pallets depth. Two-way (the middle area can take goods from both sides) the total depth of the racking area is best controlled within 12 pallets depth, in order to improve the efficiency and reliability of forklift access. As for the choice of metal pallets, or plastic pallets, you can combine their own comprehensive consideration in determining.

through racking

If you would like to learn more about pallet racking products or would like to customize a pallet racking system for your warehouse to increase storage capacity and reduce storage costs, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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