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What is double-depth racking and what are the advantages of its features?


In recent years, in the development of shelving changes, there is a so-called double depth racking. This kind of shelf is characterized by high utilization rate and good selectivity. It can use special forklifts. The roadway size is the same as APR design. It can be fully used in papermaking, plastic products and other industries, and often brings better modeling effect. Today, Spieth will briefly introduce the characteristics and advantages of dual-depth shelves.

 double deep pallet racking

What is double depth racking?

Double-depth racking is a kind of heavy-duty racking, and the unit structure of double-depth racking is the side-by-side placement of two sets of beam racking, which makes full use of storage space and improves space utilization. Double-depth racking can be operated by scissor forklift, which can work on two longitudinal pallets in one aisle by using scissor-type retractable forks.


Double depth shelves features

1Low beam height, operating height up to 8 meters. 

2Moderate inventory flow, providing 50% of the options. 

3Applicable to the warehouse with low pickup rate, the ground utilization rate can reach 42%.

4Double depth racking series is derived from heavy-duty beam racking with simple structure and high storage capacity. 

5Effectively alleviate the storage requirements that can not be met by ordinary beam type shelves, double the storage capacity than ordinary beam type shelves.

6A special forklift is needed. 

7、Forklift access needs to be about 3.3 meters.

8、Since there are two rows of goods in the pick-up direction of stacker forks, special forward stacker cranes are used, and the stacker forks generally adopt 5 levels of forks.

9、For the access of the back row of goods, it is the same as the drive-in rack. Only the corresponding goods in the front row can be taken away or shifted to access operations, the shelves are difficult to do first-in, first-out. In order to improve the utilization rate of the warehouse, the general inventory needs to consider the first storage of the back row of shelves, after the storage of the front row of shelves.

10、When shipping, try to discharge the goods in front and back rows at one time. If there are too many cases that cannot be discharged at one time, it may affect the inventory utilization rate or warehouse operation efficiency.

double depth racking 

Advantages of double depth racking 

1. Lower construction cost for each cargo space, less initial investment. 

2. Double rows of shelves side by side, the channel is reduced and the space utilization rate is high.

3. Pitch can be adjusted, according to the specific needs of the customer to determine.


Application of double deep racking

Double depth shelves are widely used in tobacco, food and beverage, packaging and other industries.

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