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What are the advantages of light duty shelving?

There are many kinds of shelves, and they can be divided into heavy-duty shelves and light-duty shelves in terms of load capacity, and light-duty shelves are a very widely used type nowadays.

What is light shelving?

Light shelves are usually used to store lighter weight products, generally with a load capacity of 50-300 kg. light shelves are usually used in supermarkets, food and pharmaceutical industries.

light duty shelf

The advantages of light shelving are as follows.

1. The form of light shelves is diversified and can be made into different shapes according to the needs. Size also supports customization to meet the needs of businesses. 

2. Light shelves are lighter in weight, so it is easy to move and more convenient to build.

3. The production cost of light shelves is relatively low, so the price is much lower than other shelves, which can save more costs for businesses. 

Now you know where the advantages of light shelving, for the storage of light goods business, light shelving is naturally the main choice. If you want to know more about light duty shelving products, please feel free to contact us at 

[email protected].

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