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Ultimate guide to high rack storage


What is high rack storage?

High-rack warehouse is also called three-dimensional warehouse, generally refers to the use of 10 layers and more than 10 layers of shelves to store goods and with special warehousing operations equipment for the mechanization and automation of the goods out or into the warehouse operations. Because this type of warehouse can make full use of space for storage so also called three-dimensional warehouse.

Types of high-rack warehouses

The diversity of logistics systems determines the diversity of high-rack warehouses. Generally can be classified according to the following two principles:

Classification by building structure form


Integral high-rack warehouse shelves in addition to the storage of goods, but also as a building support structure, that is, the warehouse and shelves are integrated.


Separate high rack warehouse shelves and buildings are independent.

Classification by shelf form

●Unit shelf warehouse;
●Container racking warehouse;
●Through-rack warehouse
●Rotary type warehouse.

Single-unit racking warehouse

It is the most widely used and highly applicable form of a warehouse, suitable for containerized pallet unit storage.

Structural features

The shelves are divided into several rows along the width of the warehouse, and each two rows of shelves are one column. The aisles between them are used for stacker cranes or other lifting machines;

Each row of shelves is divided into several columns along the longitudinal direction, and several layers along the vertical direction. Thus, a large number of bays are formed for storing goods;

Generally, each cell stores two units of goods. Such as the use of four-way into the fork of the pallet, but also can store three units of goods.

Schematic diagram of a single-unit warehouse

Container racking warehouse

It is similar to the unit goods format shelf warehouse, using a combination of shelves. Storage units are containers and boxes for goods, and are mostly used in distribution centers and other places where quick access is required.

Container racking warehouse

Pass-through warehouse

In order to improve the utilization rate of the warehouse area, the through warehouse eliminates the aisle. All the shelves are put together, so that the same layer and the same column of cargo space can pass through each other, forming a channel that can store the goods in sequence of units. One end of the channel into the warehouse, the other end out of the warehouse.

Gravity racking warehouse
Power through warehouse

Shuttle trolley type through warehouse

Schematic diagram of through-loading warehouse

Rotating shelf type warehouse

It is composed of tiered horizontal rotating shelves equipped with the necessary conveyor system. It is often used in situations where the frequency of storage operations is not very high.

Composition of High Rack Warehouse

The high-bay warehouse is mainly composed of incoming mechanical system, information system, warehouse and supporting public facilities and other components.

Inbound and outbound mechanical system

Its function is to complete the access of goods and support the work of sorting system. For low-level elevated warehouses, forklifts are generally used. For high-rise elevated warehouses, the aisle-type stacker cranes are generally used, supplemented by conveyors, AGVs, vertical lifters, forklifts, etc.

Information System


The warehouse can be divided into storage area, picking area, inbound area, outbound area and management area according to the function. For low-level shelves, the warehouse is generally an ordinary building; for the middle and high level high rack warehouse, it is a special building.

Supporting utilities

These are mainly fire-fighting system, lighting system, ventilation and heating system, water supply and drainage system and power system, etc.

Advantages of high-bay warehouse

It can improve the management level of the warehouse.
It can improve the frequency of warehouse access.

It can improve the storage capacity of warehouse unit area.

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