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Differences and similarities between pallet racking and narrow aisle racking


In the daily use of storage shelves, it is basically the organic combination of pallets and shelves, or the combination of forklifts and other equipment, which constitutes a set of storage shelf operation system. Among the storage shelves, ordinary pallet shelves are widely used in general warehouses. Compared with high-rise shelves, they are generally not too big, and in the industry, they also become beam shelves or heavy shelves. So what are the similarities and differences between them and heavy narrow aisle shelves (VNA shelves)?

pallet racking system

To illustrate this, the first thing we need to understand is the general situation of narrow aisle racking. Narrow aisle racking is abbreviated as VNA racking. We also call them heavy duty narrow aisle racking in full, this is because they are basically a warehouse racking formed by the high level expression of beam type racking, which has a specific improvement and targeted design of beam racking. However, there are both connections and differences compared to the general heavy duty pallet racking.

very narrow aisle racking

Similarities of pallet racking (beam racking) compared to narrow aisle racking

1, The basic structure of the racking is similar, as this is a storage racking redesigned by traditional beam racking, so narrow aisle racking integrates its basic structure and features.

2、They are generally operated by forklift, and each group of pallets is basically the same for both types of racking.

3、For what kind of pallets are used for loading, both racks have similarities in use, and both have to be decided according to the properties of the goods and the degree of assembly, etc.

4、Because both are heavy-duty racks, they are basically executing the storage activities of industrial goods and other large goods, which have certain requirements for forklift operators and warehouse personnel.

The difference between conventional pallet racking and narrow aisle racking (VNA racking)

Although narrow aisle racking evolved from common pallet racking, there are actually some differences between them.

1, ordinary pallet racking that heavy-duty racking belongs to the low-level storage racking category, the general forklift or even manual operation. Narrow aisle shelving belongs to the high level shelves, generally are used for special forklifts and other operations.

2, heavy-duty racking is generally 3-5 layers, while narrow aisle racking than it is much higher, generally can be 10 meters and above. This can be loaded in more goods, to achieve intensive storage of shelves.

3、Narrow aisle shelving as the name implies, it is named figuratively because of the narrow corridor passage directly from each row of shelves. This is one of its major features; and the general heavy-duty shelves, can leave enough general forklift adaptation area as well as turning width.

4、Narrow aisle racking is composed of two side-by-side beam racks connected from the appearance. While the general heavy-duty pallet racking is in the form of single placement, at most, the main and secondary drivers can be split and reorganized.

It can be said that all kinds of pallet shelves have both similarities and their own storage characteristics, while the purchaser needs to determine what kind of storage shelves to use according to their own storage attributes and equipment configuration. Of course, it is necessary to fully communicate and negotiate with the professionals of the storage shelf manufacturers to accurately purchase their own satisfactory storage shelves, and design a better plan through actual measurement to achieve the best results.

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