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How to determine the specification parameters and dimensions of pallet racking


Heavy duty racking is a simple type of racking consisting of column pieces and beams, which can be divided into pallet racking, drive-in racking and so on according to the load and the way of entering and leaving the goods, among which pallet racking is trusted and loved by many customers for its economic and usage advantages, and has become one of the popular choices of warehouse racking. In the past, Spieth racking staff often receive calls from all over the world asking about racking dimensions, and this article is to share with you how to design heavy-duty pallet racking dimensions, so as to solve the basic problems of customers for pallet racking.

selective pallet racking

Example of pallet rack size determination.

Pallet size: 1200mm * 1000mm, where 1200 is the direction of the incoming fork.
Cargo load: 1T / pallet (two pallets per layer)
Cargo height: 1100mm (including the height of the pallet, first need to plan 3 layers, that is, three layers of beam four layers of goods)

(1) According to the above information, the sales staff will first calculate the length of the crossbeam required for the rack according to the size of the pallet, the length of the two pallets plus the pallet and the pallet, plus the gap between the pallet and the shelf column, our standard is usually 100, that is, 1200 * 2 + 300 = 2700, and the calculated 2700 is the size of the rack.

(2) According to the calculated size of the crossbeam, the salesperson will calculate the material required for the shelf according to the length of the crossbeam, i.e. 120 of the holding welded beam.

(3) The height of the goods 1100, each layer between the beam and the goods need to stay 100 safety distance, that is, 1200 * 3, and the top layer of goods usually stay 500 to line, according to this can be calculated from the height of the shelves 1200 * 3 + 120 (beam material height) * 3 + 500 = 4460, and because the heavy shelves column is usually 75 hole pitch, so the height of the column is 4500H.

(4) The depth direction of the pallet is 1000, and in the design we usually reduce 100, thus facilitating the normal placement of goods on the shelves.

Above, we can calculate the size of heavy-duty pallet racking: 2700CE*900D*4500H;

The specification parameters of pallet racking.

1, length (L): length refers to the span of the shelf lateral, also divided into inner diameter, outer diameter, center distance.

      Inner diameter - the length from the inside of one column measured to the inside of the other column.

      outer diameter - the total length of the main shelf.

     Center distance - the length from the midpoint of one column to the midpoint of another column.

2、Width (W) or depth (D): refers to the total distance of the shelf in the longitudinal direction. Specific reference needs to be made to the width of the main and sub-shelf schematics.

3、Height (H): The total height of the shelf. The specific need to refer to the height of the main and sub-shelf schematic.

4、Number of layers: the total number of layers of shelf beams.

5、Carrying capacity: the maximum gravity that each layer of the shelf can bear on average.

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