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Four types of dock ramp

There are four kinds of dock ramp, namely, Embedded dock ramp, Table-side dock ramp,Mobile docking ramp and Fixed docking bridge.

Embedded dock ramp

Embedded dock ramp, as the name implies: is embedded in the loading and unloading platform of the boarding bridge, installed boarding bridge main board surface and the upper plane of the loading and unloading operating platform is horizontal. Completely integrated in the platform, in the absence of loading and unloading operations, will not affect the other tasks on the platform. This type of structure of the boarding bridge is the most widely used, is also relatively the most rapid a boarding aid. It is usually designed as early as when the building structure is designed.

Embedded dock ramp

Table-side dock ramp

The table-side dock ramp is installed directly on the front edge of the loading/unloading platform. There is no need to excavate or reserve pits on the loading/unloading platform, and there is basically no change to the building structure. In the construction of the building did not take into account the loading and unloading factors, the table side type boarding bridge role a remedial solution, the same can achieve access to the truck car loading and unloading requirements. There are also various structural forms of the docks and bridges according to different site conditions. It can also be adjusted upward (below the platform) or downward (below the platform) within a certain range, and can meet the installation of most loading and unloading platforms.

Mobile docking ramp

For sites without loading and unloading platforms or where mobile loading and unloading of goods is required. If there is no loading and unloading platform at the logistics site, as a remedial measure, the mobile dock is one of the very applicable solutions. The mobile dock is equivalent to a mobile steel ramp, and the forklift can also drive directly into the interior of the truck car for batch loading and unloading operations. It only needs single person operation and no power supply to realize the safe and fast loading and unloading of goods.

Fixed docking bridge

Fixed docking bridge is a special auxiliary equipment to achieve rapid loading and unloading of goods. Its height adjustment function makes a bridge between the truck and the goods platform of the warehouse. Forklift trucks and other moving and truck interior for bulk loading and unloading of goods, only a single person operation, you can realize the rapid loading and unloading of goods. It enables enterprises to reduce a lot of labor, improve efficiency and obtain greater economic benefits.


●Convenient unloading, strong stability and low maintenance cost.

It is suitable for various vehicles on the loading and unloading site as well as the place with relatively busy traffic. 

Loading and unloading platform, lifting platform, unloading platform.

Anti-skid device:The device is welded by steel plate, which can effectively realize the function of anti-skid, safe and reliable.

Anti-skid block:This device can effectively protect the building and boarding bridge from damage. It is made of high-tensile reinforced rubber. The four external corners of the anti-collision block are rounded and the bolt holes are all deeply embedded in the interior. The bolt hole size is Ф22 and M20 ground bolt is fitted.


Fixed boarding bridge is composed of mechanical system, hydraulic system and electrical system.  The platform and the bottom frame constitute the mechanical system. The platform adopts "U" shaped steel as the skeleton, with light weight and large bearing capacity; the platform surface adopts non-slip patterned steel plate, and can carry large bearing capacity; the platform surface adopts non-slip patterned steel plate, and can withstand forklift full load driving speed of 10 km/h without denting and bending, which improves the working reliability.

Main technical indexes

Max. dynamic load:6T Max. static load:6T Max. width:2M Max. length:4M Electro-hydraulic type French imported assembly

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