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Recommended for very narrow aisle (VNA) systems


Very narrow aisle systems

Land is becoming more and more scarce, causing it to become more expensive than ever. So what do you do when your physical storage needs space has outgrown your available space or you are experiencing a warehouse shortage?

Excitingly very narrow aisle systems are just the right solution for those who want to add storage space and use their existing warehouse without having to move their business elsewhere.

Shifting to narrow aisle racking or very narrow aisle racking (VNA) racking storage configurations gives companies the ability to store more goods and materials per square foot within their warehouse or distribution center. It involves narrowing aisles and going higher with pallet racking to achieve maximum storage capacity and efficiency. Nowadays, many warehouse managers are turning to narrow aisle racking or very narrow aisle racking storage solutions to better utilize the storage space in their existing or new facilities.

Very narrow aisle shelving systems which can be as narrow as 64"-78" depending on the equipment being used. Standard aisles typically span 108" to 144", so you can easily save a few feet of space per aisle.


Why switch to a very narrow channel system?

Tailored to fit

The Very Narrow Aisle is custom built to withstand heavy use from the inside out, with superior ergonomics and visibility. It can operate on any floor surface, eliminating the need for multiple pieces of equipment to load and unload your product. As a result, many operators like being able to easily drive the forklift to all corners of the warehouse or yard, handling multiple jobs with ease.

For small, high-density warehouses

Another significant advantage of the VNA system is that it is ideally suited for high-density warehouses where efficiency is critical. It is smaller, more maneuverable, and optimized for smaller warehouse spaces where large amounts of inventory must be moved from each available space in the warehouse. In addition, it promotes and enhances a neater and often spacious warehouse environment.

 Higher reach and load capacity

The VNA system can reach heights of up to 15 meters and can lift heavy loads effortlessly. As a result, its sleek structure and construction does not hinder its lifting capacity; instead, it can easily load and unload heavyweight goods, making it a popular choice for warehouses seeking long-term storage solutions.

Smart long-term investments in warehouses

VNA systems are specifically designed to help create safer, faster warehouses. The very narrow aisles are well constructed and the body and chassis are durable and robust to provide the same quality of service to the warehouse over time.

Significantly increase warehouse capacity

The VNA system combined with professional warehouse planning means more space for goods due to narrower and higher aisles. A system can increase warehouse capacity by more than 50% compared to a standard system, allowing you to overcome the cost implications of expanding or moving to a new warehouse when space becomes tight, and to reach your company's bottom line.

Overall benefits of Spieth's very narrow aisles

● Significantly better space utilization - more pallets in less space
● Reduced cost per square foot or cost per pallet of storage
● Eliminates the need for off-site storage
● Avoids building expansion
● Direct access to all pallet locations
● Reduces pallet rack damage
●Increases forklift productivity

The VNA system is the perfect solution to ensure that your warehouse space is utilized in the most viable way. Spieth is a leading and renowned supplier of VNA system in China. Contact us today by email or visit our official website for more information.

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