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How to choose the right beams and frame for your racks?


What kind of pallet rack frame and crossmember do I need?

This is a question we get asked a lot at Spieth Storage. The good thing is that we've been in the industry for over 20 years and can give you guidance. If you have existing racking and you're looking to add to it, you probably already know the answer to your question. However, if you are just starting to lay out your space, the answers to these questions are critical to figuring out the right solution for your application.

Here are some of our helpful guidelines for selecting pallet racking frames and beams for your application.

How to choose pallet racking beams

1. How many pallets are you placing on the pallet racking shelves?

For a standard pallet racking setup, an 8-foot beam is ideal for two pallets per shelf level. If you want to place three pallets per shelf level, a 12-foot beam is required. It is best to measure the distance between the two frames to get the correct beam length.

2. How much load-bearing capacity do you need for your beams (part 2)?

This question also needs to be asked of your beam. The longer the beam, the more likely it is to sag if the weight is not evenly distributed. An evenly distributed load is needed, and if the capacity is not met, the system may fail. The higher the beam face, the higher the capacity the beam will support. We offer specific lengths of stock with various beam face sizes to support various capacities.

How to choose a pallet rack frame

1. What are your space constraints?

The first step in choosing the right frame is to know your space measurements. Ceiling height is the first place to start. For smaller layouts - sheds or personal garages - 8 to 12 foot high frames are the most common sizes we see. Because the frame determines the height at which you can store your products, this is the first piece of information to know.

2. Are you using pallets?

We call it pallet racking for a reason. Typically, your products are arranged and stored on pallets, which are then stored on pallet racks. However, it is not uncommon for us to see people abandoning their pallets. Standard GMA pallets are 40 inches wide and 48 inches deep. If you are using standard pallets, the racking manufacturer recommends using a 42-inch deep frame. This allows for 3 inches of overhang at the front and back of the system. This helps the forklift operator place the pallet on the two cross members. 

3. How much load-bearing capacity do you need?

Frame capacity can be tricky. We have listed the load capacity of all frames assuming a 48" beam spacing. But what if you need to use a different spacing than the assumed 48 inches?

Need more help on how to choose pallet racking? We have a team of pallet racking experts with decades of experience ready to answer your questions.

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